Career Guidance for Youth

At a career guidance camp.

Ever since the inception of Alive Service Society, every year, we organize a career guidance program in the slums of Bhavanipuram. People in this slum are mostly uneducated. They are daily laborers who does backbreaking work. Even amidst the poverty, considerable number of the youth finished their primary and secondary education. They were unaware of the direction which they should take and how their education can give them an employment. There is a high risk that even when they were educated till Intermediate, they will follow the footsteps of their parents and works as daily laborers. Alive Service Society stepped in and helped the youth here make proper career choices. The youth who finished school were told about the fields of Intermediate they could opt for and the consequences and opportunities of doing so. The youth who finished intermediate were explained in detail the areas in which they can pursue the professional courses. They were told about the importance of a professional course in bolstering their chances of getting employed and also the opportunities they’ll have after completing the course.

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