At a career guidance camp.

Career Guidance for Youth

Ever since the inception of Alive Service Society, every year, we organize a career guidance program in the slums of Bhavanipuram. People in this slum are mostly uneducated. They are daily laborers who does backbreaking work. Even amidst the poverty, considerable number of the youth finished their primary and secondary education. They were unaware...

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Girl Child Education Awareness Program

Awareness about Educating Girl Child

Awareness camp on Education of Girls, Alive Service Society conducted an awareness program on 8/9/15 at Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada-1, Krishna District, to enlighten the parents about the importance of girl child education. Girls are given less importance and not treated properly. They are not given proper education too. Resource Person Mr. Ramakrishna gave a message...

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World Day Against Child Labor

World Day against Child Labor

Every year on 12‐6‐15 we are celebrating World Day against Child Labor according to the guidelines given by I.L.O. Its aim is to stop child labor and see that all the children under the age of 14 years should be at school but not at work. Alive Service Society participated in the Awareness Program...

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Awareness against Child Labor

Awareness camp on Child Labors

Child Labor awareness program was conducted in the slum areas of Lanchilarevu , Bhavanipuram on 2/5/15 . The people of that area and other DWACRA women attended the program. Most of the children of this area go out for work . They are rag pickers . So we conducted this program in this area....

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Prevent Child Marriages, an Awareness Program

Prevent Child Marriages

We conducted camp on one of the present social evils i.e, child labor on 5/4/15 in an Urdu school center , Bhavanipuram , Vijayawada. 60 students and a few mothers attended the program . Mr .Diwakar, area coordinator, World Vision of India has joined with us . Parents are told to send their children...

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Importance of Education Program

This Program was conducted on 5‐3‐13 at Rajiv Nagar colony, Vijayawada. 100 students along with their parents attended this program. “An illiterate is a strange animal”, by saying this famous proverb in Telugu, we caught the attention of the people here. Educating a girl child is stressed in this program. It is a immensely...

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Building Workers Enrollment

The Government of Andhra Pradesh started a new scheme for the good of the workers (daily laborers). Many laborers got their name registered in this scheme. Unfortunately many of the workers in some areas didn’t know about this scheme. On 14‐2‐13, Alive Service Society joined hands with the Labor Department and created awareness by...

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Eradication of Child Labour

This program was conducted on 1‐2‐13. Alive Service Society worked along with the officials of the labor department to identify and redeem the child labor working in various regions. It created awareness to the owners by telling them about the Right to Education Act. According to this act all the children below 14 years...

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Pulse Polio Program

This reporting period, Alive Service Society has participated in the pulse polio program on 2‐1‐13 conducted by the District Medical and Health Department. With the support of primary health center staff, Alive Service Society has organized pulse polio camps in Krishnalanka slums in Vijayawada and taken responsibility for the mobilization part. Whole village volunteers...

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HIV / AIDS Awareness Program

World AIDS Day was celebrated on 1‐12‐ 2012 in Collaboration with the Government Health Department with a view to create awareness among people about the HIV and AIDS. A special rally was organized in Vijayawada city in which more than 200 school children participated. School level competitions were held on HIV & AIDS topic....

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