Child Labors Sticker release Program

Child Labor Sticker Release Program

Even after many awareness programs and stringent laws, Child Labor is a huge issue that our country is facing now. Constant motivation to fight Child Labor and not to employ children is required. So on 31-3-2016, the Labor department conducted a Sticker Release Program at Bhaskarraopet bus depot which is located near Old Bus Stand, Vijayawada. The Deputy Commissioner of Labor and the Project Director of N.C.L.P (National Child Labor Program) participated in this program. Some speakers attending this program delivered their message regarding education. The Depot Manager released a sticker which contains the anti-Child Labor message. The participants stuck these stickers on the City buses in different places of the city. As these city buses are frequently used by many citizens, it’s an effective way to communicate the anti Child Labor message. Alive Service Society is one of the organizations which contributed to this program.


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