Child Labor Drives

On 20‐04‐12, a special drive was organized by the Alive Service Society with the support of officials of the commissioner of labor department to sensitize the general public, parents of the children,owners of the apartments and owners of the hotels and small commercial establishments of the Vijayawada town on the importance of the “Child Labor Education Scheme” to extend their cooperation and help in addressing the problem of child labor towards the extradition of child labor in Krishna District. About 151 children were relieved from the clutches of the hotel owners and sent them to child labor schools. The identified children were sensitized along with their parents. In this campaign, the main issues educated to children focused on the Child Abuse and Child Trafficking with special reference to Child Beggary, Organ Trade, Flesh Trade, Child Sexual abuse and how to protect themselves. Importance of education,health and hygiene, Food, Nutrition & Cleanliness etc was also given importance. Moreover, important information was disseminated among the children concerning free services available for the community and other educational opportunities and how it could be availed. Besides, a platform was provided to the children whereby they shared about their life situations.

Awareness Programs

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